Week of April 27th

Hello 3rd Grade Parents and Guardians,

We hope you’re all doing well and are able to create some new routines to adjust to the Covid-19 quarantine.  We’d like to remind you all that the Choice Menu is there to help you create a daily routine based on your child’s needs and personal family situation.  We are working hard to transfer our standards based lessons into electronic versions, and are available to help in a variety of ways.  Email is one way, but we are also working on interacting and engaging the students through the Teams app and it’s video and chat features.

As teachers it is in our nature to try and motivate students to learn and complete assignments, but currently our focus is driven more by their social and emotional needs.  The weekly Choice Menu is a tool at your disposal that can be utilized how you see fit.  You may see “due dates” listed, but those are merely a function of the programs we are using and a way for us to stay organized.  Nothing is mandatory, and we do not want to add to the stress of the current situation by requiring assignments to be completed.  We will do our best to support each individual student no matter where they are academically.  Thank you for your patience as we develop grade level distance learning procedures, and try to synthesize the old with the new ways of doing things remotely.

Here is this weeks Choice Menu.

April 27 choice menu

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