Week of July 26th

Hello Wolf Canyon Families,

This week we will continue to introduce classroom procedures and start our beginning of the year assessments for reading and math. Please find below our 3rd grade week at a glance to become familiar with what your child will be working on in class.

We will be starting with some math homework this week and adding additional homework in the coming weeks after we have had time to go over the material and expectations in the classroom.

Week of July 19th

Hello parents and guardians of 3rd graders,

We hope your children’s day went well for their first day of school. We appreciate your patience as we all work through returning to in person learning. The school is over capacity and our administration is doing their best to accommodate the number of students and work through the current protocols due to Covid.

Each week we will update this blog with our lesson plans and pass on any grade level news so you know what to expect. This week we are focusing on establishing a classroom community and creating routines to help ease the students back into the classroom filled with students. We are also doing informal assessments for math, writing and listening to the students speak. Next week we should be ready to assign more formal reading assessments utilizing our classroom laptops and one on one interviews.

Please be on the look out for paperwork or folders coming from your child’s teacher this week. Each classroom will create a contact list to communicate more personably with their parents utilizing email and various apps. We will start some homework next week and build on it as our quarter progresses. Normally, we like to send home a homework packet on Monday to be completed during the week and returned on the following Monday. We realize there are after school activities that your child may be participating in so we try to plan ahead to allow your child flexibility on when they complete their homework during the week.

We are looking forward to getting back to a normal routine and helping your children grow academically and socially this school year.


The Third Grade Team