Week of March 12th

This week in:

Language Arts– Making inferences from descriptive texts

Spelling- diphthongs: a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, in which the sound begins as one vowel and moves toward another (as in coinloud, and side ).

Writing– Finish our “Astronauts” writing focusing on a narrative response and type a final draft.

Question to ask your child  “What is dialogue?” (Characters spoken words.)

Math– Finish our unit of understanding and comparing fractions.  Begin working on Area.

Students may practice Math skills at Dreambox.com and on GoMath!

Science- Weather & Climate Unit

Question to ask your child “What word describes water vapor that collects as droplets on a cold surface when humid air comes in contact with it?” (“Condensation”)


 Upcoming Events

  • March 8th– 15thParent Teacher Conferences.
  • March 8th– 15thArt Exhibit 1:45- 3:30 in Room 705
  • March 19th– 30thSpring Break
  • April 2nd – Students return to school- Minimum Day