Week of December 9th

End of 3rd Quarter testing this week, but we’ll end with a day of fun activities on Friday with our 3rd Grade Kumeyaay Day!


Monday- STAR testing for the students AR level.

Tuesday- Level Set for the students Achieve level.

Wednesday- Part 1 of a Math Performance test on the CAASPP website.

Thursday- Part 2 of the Math Performance test.

    The Math Performance tests are a review of what we’ve worked on thus far and will give the students experience on how to navigate on the CAASPP website for our end of year testing in the 4th quarter.

Thursday is also our 3rd grade Music and Art lesson day! J


This week in:

Language Arts-  Continue with identifying opinions in texts and finding evidence to support our claims.

Math–  Review Chapter 7 test and practice using the CAASPP website.  This is the site for the end of year testing.  Students will practice logging in and using the site, then take an assessment on Wednesday and Thursday.

Writing-  Using two sources, students will write an Opinion response for the prompt, Should Dogs Work?

Social Studies/ Science-  Revisit genetic traits and identify common traits in our classroom students.  We will create a Tree of Genetic Traits to display some of our student’s common traits.

 With your child:   “Are some genes more dominant in a population than others?” (Yes, for example our classroom had more students with dark hair then light, or more students with straight hair then curly, or more dark eyes then blue, etc.)


Upcoming Events 

12/13    3rd Grade Kumeyaay Day

12/21 – 1/12 Winter Break

Week of December 2nd

                                  Welcome Back! ***Field Trip coming UP!***

On this Thursday, December 5th the 3rd Graders will be walking over to Olympian High School to watch the play “Peter Pan”.  Permission slips went home before the break.  Please check your child’s backpack if you haven’t seen it yet.  Please make sure your child has walking shoes and dresses warmly for the walk.  Fingers crossed the rain will be done, but please watch the weather for proper attire.  Thank you!


This week in:

Language Arts-  Continuing with point of view and opinions.

Math–  Solving Division problems using equal groups. Chapter test on Friday.

Writing- Continue to model and practice the Opinion writing format.

Social Studies/ Science-  Exploring why animals form groups.

 With your child:   “How are bee hives similar to your family’s home?” (Both have a hierarchy with individual roles/ jobs/ chores.)


Upcoming Events 

12/05  Field Trip to Olympian High School

12/21 – 1/12 Winter Break