Week of April 25th

Hi Parents,

Our end of year testing will begin this week and continue for the next 2 weeks. We’ll start with the Achieve Lexile Level and iReady assessments this week. Then move into the Caaspp Language Arts test the following week, ending with the Caaspp Math test the week of May 9th. Testing will be in the mornings, Tuesday – Thursday and look to wrap up each day before recess. We’ll offer brain breaks during the sessions as needed.

It’ll be their first time taking the Caaspp test which is the California state testing program that all 3rd graders and up take. No worries though! This can be thought of as a baseline year for the students. It will be a shortened test just to give us some feedback on how things have changed since the pandemic and help guide educational support in the upcoming years. We expect to see some changes in performance from previous testing years due to the nature of students returning to the classroom after being online in 2nd grade. That’s okay. Our focus is on academic, social and emotional growth. These assessments are just one way to help us monitor their academic progress.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


The Third Grade Team

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