Welcome Back!

Hello Wolf Canyon Families,

We are excited to begin our new school year and meet you all. Please keep an eye out in your child’s backpack for correspondence from us as we begin to establish our email lists to keep you up to date. Below you’ll find our contact information in case you have any questions or concerns.





Breanna.Lopez@cvesd.org (for Angie Lee’s class)

Week of April 25th

Hi Parents,

Our end of year testing will begin this week and continue for the next 2 weeks. We’ll start with the Achieve Lexile Level and iReady assessments this week. Then move into the Caaspp Language Arts test the following week, ending with the Caaspp Math test the week of May 9th. Testing will be in the mornings, Tuesday – Thursday and look to wrap up each day before recess. We’ll offer brain breaks during the sessions as needed.

It’ll be their first time taking the Caaspp test which is the California state testing program that all 3rd graders and up take. No worries though! This can be thought of as a baseline year for the students. It will be a shortened test just to give us some feedback on how things have changed since the pandemic and help guide educational support in the upcoming years. We expect to see some changes in performance from previous testing years due to the nature of students returning to the classroom after being online in 2nd grade. That’s okay. Our focus is on academic, social and emotional growth. These assessments are just one way to help us monitor their academic progress.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


The Third Grade Team

Week of January 24th

Hi Parent’s,

Just a couple of announcements. First, this Friday is backwards day. Students can dress with their clothes on backwards, or just keep it simple and wear a hat backwards. Next, fractions are coming!!! Yes, that’s right. Students will be introduced to fractions this week. We’ll learn about equal parts of a whole and have lots of fun activities and strategies to share. This is a major standard for our third graders and will take up the rest of the quarter. We will continue to review multiplication and division along the way.

Have a great week!

Week of January 10th

Hello Wolf Canyon Families,

Welcome Back! We are going to hit the ground running. The 3rd quarter goes by quickly. This week the students will be taking there mid-year assessments for both iReady (math) and the Level Set (Achieve- reading comprehension). We are looking at working on the assessments on Wednesday and Thursday morning. We will add Friday if needed to make sure everyone has enough time.

Please be on the look out this week for a survey about next year’s enrollment that is being sent home with students. Our administration is trying to get a head start on staffing needs for the next school year as we anticipate a new school being opened up that will affect our student population. Thank you for getting it back to us in a timely manner.

We look forward to seeing all of our students again. Have a great week!

Week of December 6th

Hello Wolf Canyon Families,

Welcome to December! We have two more weeks left for this quarter. Report cards will be sent home with your child on Friday, December 17th. However, our Achieve Level Set and iReady mid-year assessments won’t happen until January, so we’ll update you on those scores early in the 3rd quarter when we come back from Winter Break.

Have a great week!

Week of November 8th

Hello Wolf Canyon Families,

The students’ Native American dioramas are turning out great! We will have a culminating event for our Native American unit on Friday, November 19th. We call it Kumeyaay Day! Students will actively participate in 5 different activities to learn about the lives of our local Native American Kumeyaay Nation. The day will include hunting techniques, food tasting, art projects and other examples of their culture. Please look for a flyer this week being sent home, we are asking for donations for the supplies we’ll need. Thank you in advance to all those that can contribute.

Week of November 1st

Hello Parents,

We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and look forward to hearing student stories about their Halloween weekend. We have a busy week ahead as students will begin working on their Native American group dioramas. Please keep and eye out for communication from your child’s teacher. Have a great week!

-The Third Grade Team