Week of November 12th

Parents, we need your help!  The students need to pass at least 2 Achieve articles per week with a score of 75% or better on their first try.  We do one in the classroom, and the students are assigned one for homework each week.  Please help by following up with them on their homework.  If they don’t pass the homework assignment, have them select another article of their choice.  Remind them to read the article 3 times, and to find their evidence in the text.  Thank you!

This week in:

Language Arts– Introduce Theme and look more closely at Setting and Plots.

Writing– Narrative using informational text to pull details.

Math– Chapter 5- Using Multiplication Facts


Question to ask your child:  1) “What multiplication facts are you working on?” (Quiz them on their multiplication facts. For example: 4×4=?, 4×7=? etc.)


Upcoming Events

  • November 13th APEX Fun Run Kick-Off event for students
  • November 19th – 23rd No School, Thanksgiving Week
  • November 28th APEX Fun Run 3rd Grade should be running around 10am

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